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                            You might be wondering what is Digital Art  ?
    It's a medium that allows the user to add mood, feeling, emotion and atmosphere to their creations.  My canvas is a Wacom graphics tablet and my brushes are a single pen type Stylus. Using two programs, Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop I am able to create anything within the limits of my imagination or yours.                                                                                               
           Photo Restoration
                        From the original image or email.

                     Pet / Animal Portraits
             From a photo taken by you or me. Or an email.
                   Backgrounds can be changed or altered.
      Homes, Inns, Churches etc. All created from photos or
      email. Objects can be added or removed to your imagination                                             and desire.
              email ..
                   mobile .. 07977467093
                    phone .. 01550721256